Late night thoughts


IMG_20150904_055432~2Hey Princess!

Well it’s late at night and I’m trying to squeeze my head to write. This is how impulsive I could get. I’d say I’ve never tried writing before except those compulsory writing themes when I was still schooling. How weird  could that be? Why in the world would I try writing at this very day, at this very time?

Hmm, maybe I could answer that. Let me give you an idea,  I was on Instagram earlier and happened to see the account of my newly-met friend in Christ. I’d like to say that I’m always blessed and inspired every time I talk to her because of her gentle and warm spirit. Now, the account was  private and I couldn’t see any of her photos. So I actually forgot about that, I recognized myself checking Facebook this time. Well, I just saw her post about how she loves Christ Jesus and how she values God and family in her life. That would definitely explain her posts and shared topics on social media.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about her on my first post, that’s for the reason that I find her as an inspiration to every Christian woman, single, if I may add, (insert laughs here) on this present generation to remain on their walk with God.

With the same aim that she obviously has, I would really want to inspire people, especially young women like me. To bring smiles on their face, to bring peace in their hearts which Christ Jesus already have assured us. I may not be out there personally talking to these ladies but I surely would help them (by God’s grace) in their battles which they don’t have to be alone fighting.

Seriously, this will be one of my prayers : to give encouragement to whoever might be reading my blog. In Jesus Name.




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