Baguio: A Never-Before Experience


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”.- St. Augustine

Why travel? There could be varying answers to that question. In my case, I have always dreamt of stepping my foot into places I’ve never been. I want to see new places, experience the people, try out their food, engage their culture and at heart, live like a local in that area for even just a few days.

Then my Baguio trip was conceived. I have always wanted to go there since this place has been tagged as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The reason is that, it’s the best place to be at during summer since its cool breeze of air is retained while the rest of the country becomes increasingly hot and humid. Well generally, the rest of the Philippines is sunny the entire year while Baguio has it’s uniquely bone chilling, wintry weather.

The trip was 10 long months in the making. We booked on November 2014, dating the trip by September of the next year. The waiting seemed eternity but the excitement has never worn out. It was a Piso-Fare Sale of Cebu Pacific so I, together with my constant travel companions nabbed the chance at only about P1800 for a round tripper (Cebu-Clark-Cebu).

Finally, the time came when the trip materialized. From Cebu, we travelled by plane to Pampanga. It was thru a Victory liner bus that we journeyed from there to Baguio City. September is a rainy season but we decided to push through after confirming the safety of all possible routes we will be taking through the news. It was a crazy 7-lengthy hours transit which got me nauseated the whole time. Thankfully, sightseeing helped me endure it. Nausea and vomiting didn’t stop me in enjoying our passage to the City of Pines.

Still on the air-conditioned bus but  I’m already feeling this cool breeze of air, cooler than hours earlier. That’s when I knew we’re already in Baguio. Pine trees were before my eyes that probably were of different ages. Mesmerized by its beauty, we excitedly went off the bus upon arriving there.

I’ll be showing snapshots here in order of the places we visited in our 2-day Baguio escapade.

DAY 1: Wright Park Riding Circle located within the flat and wide triangle below The Mansion where 200 horses are available for hire. We tried to maximize our time so we didn’t try horseback-riding this time.

Tried out wearing the Igorot’s Native dress. We are apparently enjoying the colors! Don’t we all look good?[laughs]

Still in the same park, I tried to strike some poses even when I was already dripping wet. The weather was a bit unfriendly this time. It was cold and raining but we still managed to go to different spots from here!

This is where our struggle was. We were freezing cold but we can’t let go of the idea that we will be taking memories through pictures of some awesome sights! There was already a thick fog  and we were the only few who handled it!

See? We were seemingly insane but definitely had a good time. The uppermost photo was at the gate of The Mansion. Raindrops are visible in this photo which explains why I looked like I just left the shower! Consequently, we needed to have our clothes and shoes laundered!

DAY 2:  Right in the heart of Baguio is Burnham Park which serves as a major attraction for both relaxation and recreational activities. Burnham Park is centered around a man-made lake located at the heart of the city. It was named after the city’s planner, Daniel Burnham. The park is a favorite place of local residents and visitors alike.

Their infamous strawberry Taho for only P30. How I wish I can have some of it now!

There are different activities in the park but basically all we did was strolled around the park, take pictures and tried a boat ride across the lake! Wished we had more time! We practically tried to squeeze in as much activity that we can. Two days was definitely not enough.

Our last stop was at the Mines View Park. The sky was a little gloomy when we made it there. From the observation deck of the park, a breathtaking panoramic view of Benguet’s gold and copper mines and the surrounding mountains unfolded before us. It was a spectacular sight to behold and should not be missed when visiting Baguio. Aside from that, there were collections of flowering plants and bonsais available as well as selected delicacies, arts and crafts ideal for pasalubong.

Sidetrips: I’ve recalled some of the food we tried in Baguio, and to the best of my memory, here’s  a few of them:

Canto Bogchi Joint-Ketchup Food Community, Good Taste Restaurant, and there’s this one Japanese restaurant I totally forgot. I may not exactly be able to recall everything  but unarguably, such gastronomic experience I had in Baguio was one of the best I’ve had.


Another thing, hotels and inns in Baguio are way cheaper that in any other places in the Philippines because they save from having air-conditioning units due to it’s naturally nipping weather. I also commend honest and professional taxi drivers who made our trips possible from place to place. One tip though, book your trip during summer, it will allow you more activities to do in Baguio. It’s a lot more comfortable too.

” The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” –Psalm 19:1

Undeniably, Baguio reveals God’s wonderful handiwork.  It’s God’s way  of reminding me of God’s wonders. That nature is one of God’s beautiful creations. That everything He ever created speaks for His Glory!

Delighted as I am in sharing this experience, hope you all are too. Let me know!




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